Disney World Water Parks

Disney World - Typhoon Lagoon and Mount Mayday - Surf Pool - Wikipedia by JZ85Within Disney World’s sprawling complex of theme parks, you will find two Water Parks, each with a distinct personality.

Imagine a hurricane whipping through a tropical island, destroying homes and throwing wrecked ships on top of mountains. Then add slides, waterway, and geysers to come up with this wild wet fun place designed by Disney.

Pixar Pier

Disney California Adventure - Pixar Pier

The Disney Resort is practically in my backyard. Throughout the years we learned a lot about Disney’s parks, hotels, shopping, and restaurants. In these pages, we will share our knowledge with you.

Chantry Flat to Sturtevant Falls

nullSturtevant Falls Hiking Trail is located in the foothills above Arcadia and Pasadena in the heart of the Angeles National Forest.  This is only one of many hikes available in the Chantry Flats area, but it is my favorite hike because of the reward at the end of the hike – the waterfall.

Once you reach the Chantry Flats area, find a parking spot and purchase a parking tag (Wilderness pass) - they cost $10. There is a general store at the flats that sells snacks, gear, maps and the parking tags.


France Eiffel Tower by Tristan Nitot - WikipediaIn starting my exploration of France, I discovered that France and its worldwide territories encompass the largest economic zone in the world - with many islands and enclaves.

This expanse of land makes France rich with history, culture and amazing natural wonders.

I started my journey in the Alps region but planning to visit all the regions in the coming years.

Walker Canyon - Poppy Flowers

Walker Canyon Poppy Flower Super Bloom - FlowersEvery year in springtime, people driving along highways are greeted with hills and canyons painted in orange, green and violet.

We recently visited the super bloom at Walker Canyon, which lies in between the Cities of Corona and Lake Elsinore.
If you stick to the main trail, you will notice that the first quarter mile is a little steep but it will even out later. The crowds will also thin out the further you go. If you want a longer hike, take a fork to the right, which loops back into Walker Canyon Rd for a total of 5 miles.

Tioga Road and Tuolumne Meadows

nullMost people spend the whole time at Yosemite Valley and surrounding area - missing out on wonderful nature and amazing adventures. If you have the adventurous spirit, leave the crowds behind and go visit places like: Hetch Hetchy Valley and Dam; Tioga Pass; Tenaya Lake; Tuolumne Meadows.

If you are driving to Yosemite from the east you probably already experienced this breathtaking road through the Sierra Nevada mountains (Hwy 120). The road winds through many mountain peaks passes, meadows and lakes. It reaches an elevation of 9,945 ft. at the Tioga Pass - making it the highest Pass in California. Driving through this pass during winter could be dangerous and the road is subject to closures.

Back to Nature

nullSouthern California offers many back to nature getaways. You can hike to a secluded area for some peace and quiet. You can take the kids to the park for some fun and games or some light fishing. You can go to the nearby beaches to stroll next to the waves, or take the plunge and enjoy some swimming and surfing. You can go to the mountains to hike or play in the snow.

This section will provide information about some of those activities. See the sub-topics for more detailed descriptions.


  • Oak Canyon Nature Center, Anaheim
  • Crystal Cove - El-Moro Canyon
  • Salt Creek
  • Ralph B Clark Regional Park
  • Griffith Observatory Trails
  • Monrovia Falls
  • Barbara's Lake.